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    Each year OBG conducts thousands of interviews with heads of state, public officials and industry experts. This forms an integral part of what we do, allowing us to provide timely and comprehensive market insight. Every OBG Report contains a selection of these interviews and viewpoints, so our readers can learn about the countries we cover from those who know them best.

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Since the conclusion of the 2011 Jasmine revolution, Tunisia has carried out several major reforms, including the adoption of a new constitution, the freeing of the press, the implementation of new banking regulations and an overhaul of the legal framework for investment, among others.


Economists have argued for easing taxes as a means to accelerate economic growth. Despite the adoption of the euro as a common currency, eurozone countries have maintained their independence in terms of fiscal instruments, adapting taxes to their objectives of economic growth and social distribution. Small countries like Ireland, Malta,...


What are the priority areas of reform for the Ministry of Education (MoE) in 2018?


How can Tunisia secure its global position as the second-largest exporter of olive oil?


How can Tunisia differentiate itself from other countries as a luxury tourism destination?


How can grocery retailers adapt to changes in consumer behaviour and expectations?