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OBG Global Platform features government, economic and business leaders in visually compelling video interviews on the most important issues facing high-growth markets. Through unique insights into a wide variety of countries, sectors and issues, OBG Global Platform helps viewers understand the complex dynamics of the global economy and make informed decisions.

Why environmental, social and governance alignment can raise investment appeal

Niko Safavi, President Director, Mowilex Indonesia

In this Global Platform video, Niko Safavi, President Director, Mowilex Indonesia, discusses the steps paint and coatings manufacturers can take to promote environmental and social protection, and also evaluates the business opportunities presented by adherence to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. Prioritising ESG activities not only aligns with government sustainability objectives and consumer demand, but also has the potential to improve business operations and create a virtuous cycle....

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How super funds can fuel economic growth in Papua New Guinea

Ian Tarutia, CEO, National Superannuation Fund (nasfund)

In this Global Platform video, Ian Tarutia, CEO of the National Superannuation Fund (nasfund), discusses how super funds are helping the economy recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially as their investment plays an important role in preventing job losses, encouraging sustainable economic development and positioning Papua New Guinea as an attractive investment destination. In the coming years nasfund hopes to play a larger role in mobilising investment that capture a larger portion of the population in rural areas and ensure adhesion to environmental, social and governance criteria...

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How ICT solutions are fuelling change in Saudi Arabia

Omer Abdullah Al Nomany, CEO, solutions by stc

In this Global Platform video, Omer Abdullah Al Nomany, CEO of solutions by stc, discusses business-to-business opportunities, Saudiisation and female participation in the sector....

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How reforms boosted investment in the Mexican state of Hidalgo

Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgo

In this Global Platform video, Omar Fayad, governor of Hidalgo, details the measures being carried out to boost economic growth, attract investors and increase employment. Hidalgo received a AAA rating from global ratings agencies and has maintained it for three consecutive years. The state seeks to create a favourable investment climate while expanding the skilled workforce....

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Recent reforms improve the business environment in Saudi Arabia

Eyad Reda, Managing Partner, Eyad Reda Law Firm

In this Global Platform video, Eyad Reda, managing partner of the Eyad Reda Law Firm, shares an overview of recent legal changes and targeted areas of reform to improve the experience of international investors and strengthen the local business environment. Financial technology (fintech), data protection and the digital economy are areas set for improved regulations in the years to 2030....

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