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Construction Sector Highlights

The Report: Kuwait 2022

Construction Analysis

Kuwait’s construction and real estate sectors rebounded in the years preceding the Covid-19 pandemic, following the 2017 unveiling of New Kuwait 2035, the government’s overarching development blueprint..


Construction Sector Analyses

The Report Overview

Kuwait's property market sees sustained growth

Kuwait’s construction and real estate sectors rebounded in the years preceding the Covid-19 pandemic following the 2017 unveiling of New Kuwait 2035, the government’s overarching development blueprint, heralding an extensive infrastructure pipeline. This sparked growth in construction activity, and saw a host of new residential and commercial properties enter the market.

The Report Interview

Mazen Hawwa, Vice-Chairman and Group CEO, United Real Estate Company (URC)

The priority for a private real estate development company is to maintain the client’s trust and deliver on business agreements, and safeguard shareholders’ interests while preserving the required financing and liquidity to continue operations successfully. As a result of the pandemic, the market experienced a shift in client preferences related to lifestyle and environmental concerns. In particular, a link has evolved between real estate...

The Report Analysis

Construction industry prioritising sustainable architecture

As the construction industry redefines its priorities to ensure sustainability, there is increasing recognition of the benefits of regenerative architecture as a means of lowering emissions. According to the “2019 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction” published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the construction sector accounts...

The Report Overview

Regulatory reforms in Saudi Arabia present opportunities for property owners

he Saudi real estate and construction sectors have been experiencing a period of rapid expansion due in part to a string of giga-projects and an economy rebounding from the pandemic. Indeed, the Kingdom is currently engaged in some of the largest construction projects in the world, including NEOM, the $500bn new city in the north-west, and developments on the Red Sea coast and in the capital city, Riyadh.

The Report Analysis

How Saudi Arabia is reimagining urban design

The country is undertaking one of its most extensive construction projects to date, which is expected to transform the Kingdom’s north-west and set a benchmark for the future of smart city development worldwide. Located in Tabuk province, close to the Jordanian and Egyptian borders, NEOM will span the Red Sea coast with mountains, deserts and plains, and aims to use smart city technologies to achieve sustainable living and zero carbon...

The Report: Côte d'Ivoire 2022

Construction Analysis

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and its subsequent economic impact, Côte d'Ivoire's has construction sector helped the economy recover. There has been growing demand for residential properties to house the expanding middle class amid rapid urbanisation.

Construction in Emerging Markets

Economic Update

Can sustainable architecture help lower the construction sector’s emissions?

Amid efforts to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the construction industry, there is increasing recognition of the benefits of sustainable and regenerative architecture as a means of lowering emissions.

Economic Update

Can smart cities solve Egypt’s housing shortage?

Architects, property developers and other key stakeholders in Egypt’s construction sector are increasingly embracing digitalisation as the country looks towards smart city solutions to solve its housing shortage.

Economic View

Sayed Farouk, President and CEO, Arab Contractors

On bolstering the strength and adaptability of Egypt’s construction sector

Economic Update

Sustainable construction in the Gulf: building a greener future?

As industries around the world increasingly turn towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies to support their recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, focus is sharpening on sustainable construction in the Middle East.

Economic View

Mohammed Hamad Al Ghanim, CEO, Al Hamra Kuwait

On infrastructure priorities and project frameworks

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