Here in Kuwait we enjoy high levels of security and safety, and the rule of our law has never been arbitrary or forced on an unwilling population. This is the result of a harmonious agreement between the Kuwaiti people and its leaders. Kuwait, as a homeland, has never been the sole domain of any particular special group of people. It has never been characterised with tribalism, sectarianism or denominationalism. The achievements that have materialised here have been the result of the harmonious unity of all Kuwaiti people following on the path of their forefathers, who once battled for existence in the harsh natural circumstances of the country’s deserts and oceans. While I am confident that our commitment to build democracy and promote freedom is enduring, I am also certain that Kuwait’s constitution is a contract that organises a just society that all Kuwaitis can be proud of; and I pledge to preserve and protect it. There is no doubt that democracy means the rule of constitution and law, the freedom to be governed by a specific legal framework and the spirit of openness that allows for the monitoring, questioning and objective criticism of any faults or shortfalls in the government, all in the interest of the country and its people. One of the brightest chapters in the history of our nation was the entrance of women into parliament. It has been a triumph in the process of further deepening our people’s democratic participation in government, a step taken with clear democratic awareness that gained the admiration and respect of the entire world. Other notable achievements include the establishment of the oldest financing agency in the Middle East, the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, an institution that provides aid to needy countries around the globe. Through these and other unique initiatives, Kuwait has obtained an outstanding and well-deserved position in the eyes of the region and the world. Concerning foreign policy, Kuwait aims to balance a spirit of openness alongside a total obeisance to its national principles and respect for international laws. We continue to work towards the establishment of regional and international relations based on cooperation within a framework of mutual interests and respect. Kuwait has demonstrated its commitment to support these ideals through its cooperation with countries around the world, particularly member nations of the GCC. In addition, Kuwait has been assisting international organisations and supporting their struggle to maintain global peace and security.

We continue to view comprehensive planning as a scientific and practical way to achieve our goal of sustainable development, but always with an unerring focus on how it affects the human population.

I would like to commend the role of our promising young people in helping to build a brighter future for their country. Young people are the cornerstone of any society, and I strongly believe in the ability of the Kuwaiti youth to forge their own path and overcome future challenges to provide an environment of sustainable prosperity for many generations to come. As lovers of their homeland, intimately connected with its history and heritage, and as partners in our common responsibility, the youth are working towards protecting and preserving a bright future for Kuwait.

After half a century of independence and two decades of liberation, Kuwait is entering a phase full of new trials and obligations. Henceforth, Kuwait must adhere to sound planning and devote its time and abilities towards fulfilling obligations and prioritising national interests. It is our responsibility to preserve the wealth that has been entrusted to us by previous generations.

Kuwaitis have been graced with a secure country that guards its prosperity and provides a peaceful environment in which to pursue a dignified life. We have also been blessed with the spirit of democracy, which has allowed us to protect the rights and dignity of all Kuwaitis – something our society has struggled for since its inception. Kuwait has a great potential for growth, advancement and prosperity, and I look forward to a future even more prosperous than the present.