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Energy Sector Research Highlights

The Report: Qatar 2024

Energy Sector Analysis

Qatar has reaped the benefits from changes in the global energy market and the accelerated energy transitions of several countries. In addition to major long-term energy supply deals with...

Report: Shaping sustainable and inclusive resource development in Ghana's mining sector

This report analyses the environmental, social and governance (ESG) dynamics shaping Ghana’s mining sector. Large-scale mining has been adopting stricter environmental regulations to address widespread...

Report: How can Kuwait’s upstream oil sector reach net zero?

Despite predictions of declining hydrocarbon consumption, significant demand remains due to economic transformations and disruptive events like the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Driving ESG in Ghana’s mining industry

Edward Koranteng, CEO, Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF)

In this Global Platform video, Oxford Business Group speaks with Edward Koranteng, CEO, Minerals Income Investment Fund (MIIF), on Ghana’s mining industry. While Ghana is Africa’s largest gold producer...

Special Reports on the Energy Sector

Growth & Recovery Report

Report: Is Trinidad and Tobago prepared for its green energy transition?

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic and on the back of high global energy prices, Trinidad & Tobago is set to grow over 50% faster than the global average for 2022. A balanced approach between maintaining...

Covid-19 Recovery Roadmap

Report: What is the post-Covid-19 outlook for GCC chemicals and petrochemicals?

The GCC chemicals and petrochemicals industry demonstrated considerable resilience in the face of Covid-19 and oil price fluctuations. With economic diversification a leading concern for GCC...

ESG Intelligence Report

ESG: Indonesia’s role in ASEAN’s energy transition

Indonesia’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) and UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) priorities centre on the affordable transition to renewable energy, socio-economic growth...

Report: Is Trinidad and Tobago prepared for its green energy transition?
Report: What is the post-Covid-19 outlook for GCC chemicals and petrochemicals?
ESG: Indonesia’s role in ASEAN’s energy transition

The Report: Ghana 2024

Energy Sector Analysis

The capacity and capability of Ghana’s energy sector is anticipated to expand in the coming years, helping increase overall revenue and maintain a steady inflow of foreign direct investment...

The Report: Kuwait 2024

Energy Sector Analysis

Kuwait’s upstream oil activities and crude oil exports are the central pillars of the country’s economy. In recent years the government has embarked upon an economic diversification drive to reduce...

Energy Sector Analyses


Qatar’s increasing renewable energy generation capacity, sustainability

Qatar has reaped benefits from changes in the global energy market caused by the conflict in Ukraine, and the accelerated energy transitions of several countries. The country has signed major long-term energy supply deals with China, France, Germany and the Netherlands, and will likely renew gas agreements with South Korea in the near future. The North Field expansion project, which will increase liquefied natural gas (LNG) production capacity in the country by nearly 85% by 2030, is set to deliver its first gas in 2025 and...


Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, Chairman, Al Attiyah Foundation

On the evolving global energy landscape


Qatar energy sector benefits from liquefied natural gas reserves discovery

The global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market is projected to grow significantly, reaching 580m-600m tonnes per annum (tpa) by 2030, up from 400m tpa in February 2024. Forecasts suggest that global demand for LNG could rise by over 50% to hit 625m-685m tpa by 2040, continuing to grow throughout that decade. The switch from coal to gas in China and other developing Asian nations is a key factor driving this growth, a trend on which Qatar is in a strong position to capitalise...


Ghana's energy production targets and exploration attract investment

In light of the country’s demographic and economic growth, Ghana’s energy sector is set to expand in capacity and capability over the coming years. Following the discovery of commercial oil reserves in 2007, Ghana’s oil and gas sector has emerged as a significant player in West Africa’s energy landscape. The offshore Jubilee Field, which lies 60 km from the mouth of the Tano River, was the country’s first move into oil production. Subsequent discoveries in the Tweneboa-Eyenra-Ntomme (TEN), and Sankofa and Gye Nyame...


Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Minister of Energy

Ghana’s sedimentary basins hold significant gas and high-quality, light sweet crude oil prospects. The legal, regulatory and fiscal regimes governing the upstream industry are predictable, transparent and progressive, ensuring businesses get a return on their investment and attracting companies to the industry...

Driving Saudi Arabia's economic transformation: Unleashing growth and innovation across strategic sectors

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 blueprint for socio-economic transformation is capturing international attention. Beyond high-profile projects and events, strategic cohesion and societal support are facilitating...

How the energy sector can capitalise on renewables in support of Oman Vision 2040

The OQ Leadership Team

In this Global Platform video, the OQ Leadership Team discuss Oman’s net-zero goals and outline the country’s potential to boost power generation from renewable resources, including wind...

Energy in Emerging Markets

Economic News

Capacity expansion supports Djibouti’s efforts to realise its green power potential

Efforts in Djibouti to increase energy capacity and accelerate the shift from hydrocarbons to renewables moved forwards in September 2023 with the inauguration of the Ghoubet wind farm.

Economic View

Ahmed Al Shamsi, Managing Director and CEO, Abu Dhabi Sustainable Water Solutions Company (SWS)

On innovative approaches in water conservation and reuse

Economic View

Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Executive Director, Low Carbon Solutions & International Growth, ADNOC

On Abu Dhabi’s carbon capture efforts and the role of hydrogen in the energy mix

Economic News

How emerging markets are navigating the rising cost of solar power

With high energy prices and supply chain disruptions creating shortages of key renewable energy components and materials, emerging markets are reassessing how to build out utility-scale solar power to accelerate their energy transitions. After more than a decade of decline, the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels has risen around the world, due primarily to the increasing cost of solar-grade polysilicon in China. A key component in PV panels, polysilicon spot market prices rose from less than $7 per kg in July 2020 to $39 in August...

Economic News

Saltwater batteries and the emerging blue energy economy

As emerging markets seek to accelerate their energy transitions by increasing solar and wind power capacity, recent technological advancements that harness the sodium from saltwater could provide a crucial breakthrough in battery storage. In recent months start-ups and researchers have debuted saltwater battery technologies that promise cheaper capacity to store variable solar and wind power at scale, a development that could help to reduce global dependence on lithium. In January US-based tech start-up Salgenx...

Economic News

How tech can unlock geothermal energy in emerging markets

As countries around the world look to increase baseload power generation, reduce energy imports and decarbonise their economies, emerging markets are boosting geothermal power generation with the help of new technologies and expertise. A new drilling technology developed by Quaise Energy, a US geothermal start-up spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that uses gyrotron-powered millimetre waves to vaporize rock, could allow for producers to drill as far down as 20 km compared to the average drilling...

Economic News

African gas suppliers look to meet Europe’s future LNG demand

As the EU works to rebalance its gas supply away from Russia, African countries are expected to gain a larger share of the bloc’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) market in the coming years. Last month the EU announced that it would launch the first tenders for joint gas purchases in April, with contracts expected to be signed by June. This novel approach seeks to leverage the bloc’s purchasing power to secure supplies at lower prices ahead of the summer when EU countries are expected to refill their underground gas storage...

Economic News

Shifting oil market creates export opportunities for emerging markets producers

With EU bans on Russian oil and oil-product exports set to go into effect this year in response to Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, emerging market producers are poised to gain larger shares of an evolving market. EU bans against Russian oil products such as diesel were rolled out earlier this month, following bans on Russian seaborne crude oil exports that began last December. Last week, Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of France’s TotalEnergies, said that there is...

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