Third Party Event

18 Apr 2016

BRVM Investment Days will bring together top government representatives, community leaders and players in the private sector to explore financial and business opportunities in West Africa and lay the foundations for future relations and partnerships with businesses based in the Middle East.

The event will feature meetings and three separate panel sessions focusing on the West African and Economic Monetary Union’s macroeconomic prospects, investment opportunities and improvement of relations with international investors.

More than 300 participants have attended previous BRVM Investment Days events in Paris, New York and London.

Key speakers at this year’s event include the following:

  • Daniel Kablan Duncan – prime minister, Cote d’Ivoire;
  • Christian Adovelande – president, West African Development Bank (BOAD);
  • Ade Ayeyemi – CEO, Ecobank Transnational Group Incorporated (ETI);
  • Ali Khalpey – managing partner, Exotix;
  • Selloua Chakri– head of market structure strategy of Middle East and Africa, Bloomberg

To learn more about the conference, click here to download the preliminary program.

To attend the meetings, please contact