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    OBG investigates the key pressures and developments affecting local agriculture, particularly where a country is dependent on plantations or forestry to maintain GNP. It also highlights the output trends and technological advances in areas such as irrigation techniques and land reclamation.
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As ongoing volatility continues to hamper growth in the region, Jordan has made significant progress in preserving macroeconomic stability and reducing its fiscal deficit in the past few years. Efforts to the fulfill the stipulations of a $723m extended fund facility agreement with the IMF continue, and the government may need to pursue more widespread reforms to increase income tax revenues and limit tax avoidance so as to sustain recent momentum.


With the introduction of modern farming techniques, what role do you expect Myanmar to play in Asia’s future food security?


With a view to achieving shared prosperity from increased food exports, development partners are working with the government to increase rice production and encourage the adoption of appropriate mechanisation in the agricultural value chain.


In a bid to consolidate various development plans under one common strategy, the government is working with several development partners to create an agriculture master plan for sustainable growth.


What can be done to improve the efficiency of Myanmar’s supply chain of agricultural products?


While it has gradually reaped the rewards of diversification efforts to end over-reliance on rice, Myanmar’s agriculture sector is now at a crucial juncture. Although progress has been made, structural impediments continue to weigh on farming output. However, a new development strategy is expected to enhance sector monitoring, boost production...