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The last few years have seen marked developments in the dynamic landscape of African agriculture. The continent’s cultivated land has expanded significantly since 2020, contributing to 52% of the global increase in cultivated area, with sub-Saharan Africa leading agricultural output growth. This report highlights the importance of transitioning to knowledge-based farming systems through initiatives from organisations seeking to achieve sustainable, inclusive and productive growth.

Women’s empowerment remains a critical issue, with rural women facing gender-based financing disparities. The report underscores the need for private sector initiatives and gender-responsive policies to bridge this gap. In conjunction with inclusivity efforts centred on women, youth-focused initiatives are an important part of the sector’s longevity. Programmes encouraging entrepreneurship, training and capacity building have become commonplace for young people in agriculture.

Explore the Focus Report: Agriculture in Africa 2023 for insights into the trends that are shaping the continent’s agricultural future, including sustainable agriculture, agri-tech, youth engagement and gender equality.