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Sustainability at the heart of African agriculture

Africa | Agriculture

En Français Bernardo Bruzzone, Regional Editor for Africa at Oxford Business Group, speaks with Professor Bruno Gérard, Head of the Agrobiosciences department at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), about the opportunities and challenges present nowadays in the African agriculture sector. Africa has the potential to feed the world’s population in the coming years, however, there is room for more private investment to strengthen and modernise the sector in a continent where more than 70% of the population lives from agriculture. In order to achieve food security, it is important to boost productivity through circular and green economy practices, such as water reuse and converting organic waste into productive inputs, alongside climate-smart interventions is important. Finally, in order to create a more sustainable sector, there must be opportunities for farmers to earn a better living, but also innovative measures must be implemented such as agri-tech solutions to boost socio-economic outcomes. This podcast was produced as part of a larger study published by OBG in partnership with OCP Group, titled ‘’Agriculture in Africa: 2022’’.
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