Agriculture and Food Industry
From The Report: Misrata 2024
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While Misrata has traditionally relied on industries such as manufacturing and trade, the agriculture sector and food segment have been quietly gaining momentum in recent years. Misrata’s relatively favourable climate and fertile land have fostered the growth of various crops, including olives, citrus fruits and grains, while proximity to the city’s trade infrastructure has assisted with access and distribution to domestic markets. These agricultural endeavours have an important bearing on Libya’s economy, employing approximately 5% of the labour force and constituting nearly 9% of GDP as of 2019. The sector has provided a crucial avenue for diversification beyond traditional industries by creating employment opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship and attracting investment. The implementation of desert-based irrigation and digital farming techniques is bolstering the production of critical crops and increasing recognition of the sector’s untapped potential.

This chapter contains an interview with Mohamed Al Za’louk, Chairman, Bladi Al Khair Company.