Third Party Event

20 Nov 2017 - 21 Nov 2017

  • Cyber threats are constantly evolving and threatening to affect global organisations in their day-to-day activities. MENA spending on cyber-security technology and services is on track to reach $13.43bn by 2019, with an expected compound annual growth rate of 13.7% for the period 2013-19. 
  • With digitisation gaining pace across the countries of the Middle East, and growing exposure to the risk of cyber-attacks, governments in the region are now increasingly directing their focus towards cybersecurity. 
  • Hosted by ITA Oman, represented by Oman National CERT, in collaboration with White Paper Summits and Nispana Innovative Platforms, the 2017 edition of the Annual Regional Cybersecurity Summit will place cyber resilience at the centre of proceedings. 
  • The summit will cover a range of topics, highlighting the current trends and future threats that are affecting organisations and business operations.
  • Oxford Business Group will be a partner for the event, which is expected to bring over 350 attendees from across the Middle East together to form new partnerships, discuss new policies and identify the latest technologies to combat cyber threats. 
  • The summit will provide a platform for shared learning and dialogue relating to cybersecurity challenges and issues, while facilitating the exchange of information, ideas, solutions and emerging practices that could improve cybersecurity. The summit will also drive cross-border collaboration between government, industry and critical infrastructure stakeholders that will help impact regional and international preparedness. In addition, the 2017 edition will explore and highlight new opportunities and controls within the security sector that could support the field of information security.