Third Party Event

20 Feb 2012

Achieving the ‘Triple Crown’ – increasing revenue, improving the customer experience and reducing costs

In order to become a truly world-class organisation, companies are moving towards a more integrated approach involving people, processes and technology to drive the sustainability of process excellence optimization throughout the business. Why then is it increasingly becoming a challenge for departments tasked with implementing process excellence to successfully implement the change? There are a number of “road blocks” facing process excellence professionals. These challenges range from measurability, sustainability, finding the best fit model to suit unique organisational needs, overcoming perceptions and innate resistance to change.
Key topics to be discussed at Process Excellence Week Africa


Strategic process excellence implementation and deployment through effective change management to ensure continuity and return on investment

Creating a continuous improvement culture to deliver business benefits and ensure process progression

Translate the benefits of BPE into measurable – increased revenue, improved customer experience and cost reduction

Establishing a centre of excellence to foster sustainability in BPE

Process innovation and the enabling technologies to achieve integration and value

Creating value based processes and overcoming failure through process redesign

Process Excellence Week Africa is the leading platform where the Process Community shapes their future if you want to:


Drive profitability and cut down on cost

Ensure the sustainability of your processes

Transform your organization to achieve its maximum potential

Benchmark with the most forward thinking organisations in Africa

Discover the best fit models for your company

Ensure that you and your team are at the Process Excellence Week Africa 2012