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Africa Industry Economic Research Highlights

Focus Report: How are Libya's free zones incorporating ESG norms into their business practices?

Given the supply chain disruptions since the Covid-19 pandemic, investment in ports and free zones has become more crucial to the global economy and the resilience of trade...

The Report: Djibouti 2023

Industry & Retail Sector Analysis

The industrial sector is one of the key targets for the country’s diversification agenda. One potential area for growth is in agri-business, where the demand for palm oil and its derivatives is projected...

The Report: Nigeria 2023

Industry Sector Analysis

Transitioning from Africa’s largest economy to most industrialised one is contingent on its efforts to boost production, reduce its dependence on imports and drive the export trade. For those changes to materialise...

Industry in Africa: Videos

Global Platform

Kojo Aduhene, CEO, LMI Holdings

In this Global Platform video Kojo Aduhene, CEO of LMI Holdings, emphasises the importance of industrialisation for the African continent, as well as the key role the private sector can play in securing...


Focus on sustainability in African textile value chains

Andrew Jeffreys, CEO of Oxford Business Group, speaks with Gagan Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder of Arise, about the current focus on diversifying supply chains away from Asia and towards Africa...

Growth & Recovery Video

Libya's strong economic rebound and investment opportunities

In this Growth & Recovery video, Oxford Business Group (OBG) analyses Libya’s promising prospects, as the country looks to build on a strong economic rebound, supported by rising oil prices...

Growth & Recovery Video

The Misurata Free Zone facilitates Libya’s economic expansion

This Growth & Recovery Outlook video highlights Libya’s Misurata Free Zone (MFZ), which is at the heart of the country’s economic expansion. Not only does the free zone connect Libya to landlocked...

Kojo Aduhene, CEO, LMI Holdings
Focus on sustainability in African textile value chains
Libya's strong economic rebound and investment opportunities
The Misurata Free Zone facilitates Libya’s economic expansion

Report: How can West and Central Africa use ESG to boost value-added activities in special economic zones?

Several West and Central African countries have incorporated the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their respective economic growth strategies, driven by a desire from both public and private...

Africa Industry Sector Analyses


Côte d’Ivoire looks to create new opportunities in cocoa

As urbanisation continues, the industrial sector is growing, with more people being employed in industry while traditional agricultural employment decreases. However, agriculture continues to play a significant part in the industrial sector through the development of new processing and packaging facilities. Cocoa and cotton, two major exports, were largely resilient to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and government support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) ensured that producers could...


Eyes on the future: The government is looking to minerals, pharmaceuticals and more for development beyond agro-industry

The government has introduced several new policies to enhance the country’s industrial sector and, in turn, enable private and foreign investors to enter the market. While agro-industry remains the country’s largest industrial segment, the authorities plan to develop other industries and export sectors as the country’s population becomes increasingly urbanised...


Christian Schindler, Director-General, International Textile Manufacturers Federation: Interview

On how West Africa can position itself as a leader in textiles and apparel


Egypt shifts towards technology-intensive manufacturing

Egypt’s industry and manufacturing sector, which accounts for around 15% of total GDP, plays a prominent role in the country’s economic development agenda, which emphasises innovation, sustainability and enhanced ties with the African continent. Indeed, scaling up investment in manufacturing is a policy priority as the country accelerates industrialisation and shifts from low-value-added to high-value-added, technology-intensive manufacturing segments.


How can Ghana further develop the industrial base?

Industry has been a significant source of economic growth for Ghana in recent years, a trend that continued in 2020 and 2021 despite widespread disruptions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector accounts for a large portion of both employment and exports, underscoring its importance as the government seeks to bolster value-added activities’ contribution to the economy and attract investment into emerging segments. The manufacturing base is supported by government efforts to leverage...

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