Third Party Event

14 Apr 2016 - 15 Apr 2016

Should education be serving the need for qualification or cognitive skills for problem solving to operate within complex and changing environments?

Markets today require more highly skilled workers than before. Malaysia needs to develop, however the external economic environment is tougher with mounting uncertainties. The questions that should be asked is whether we are taking social development into account, as well as how we can enhance learning and construct and disseminate knowledge in an increasingly digitalised world.

This annual conference will bring together a range of academics, practitioners, investors and policymakers to discuss new findings and directions in education.

As with other Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute conferences, this year’s summit will afford the opportunity for reconnecting with old acquaintances, making new contacts and networking in the education sector and beyond.

The event will also address key issues and challenges facing education reforms in Malaysia and explore opportunities for private sector participation in education.