Third Party Event

24 Jun 2019

Africa was the first continent to which Islam spread from South-east Asia and it is now home to almost one-third of the world’s Muslim population. Although interest in Islamic finance continues to spread across this diverse yet complex continent, it has remained a difficult market to penetrate. With this in mind, IFN will organize the inaugural IFN African Roadshow that will stop in three of the markets where Shariah-compliant financing is most likely to flourish in the coming years.

Among the African countries that are increasingly permeating the global Islamic finance industry, South Africa is a prominent game-changer.

Its conventional legislation has been tailored to better facilitate Shariah-compliant financial transactions, and since 2010 various legislation has been published to better accommodate the industry. On the Sukuk front, the country led its regional peers by issuing its debut Sukuk worth $500 million in 2014, with another expected to follow suit in this fiscal year. Join us at the IFN South Africa forum to learn more about this leading market. For more information click here.

DATE:24 June 2019 / VENUE: Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers