Third Party Event

06 Apr 2021

Real-time payments are becoming critical in Middle East and Africa. Central banks in the region have mandated banks to migrate to ISO 20022 standards, from Saudi Arabia, to UAE and Nigeria.

Based on our research for the last 6 months with leading banks within the region, it’s clearly understood that the payments business is undergoing unprecedented change.

Regulation is increasing, payments platforms and market infrastructures are consolidating, renewing, and re-designing. Below are some of the main takeaways:

•             Banks are at the initial stages of conducting business and technology impact assessments, that will help them decide on  ISO 20022 implementation roadmap to suit the situation, vision and needs

•             Greatest challenge is how to integrate the new systems with the existing legacy infrastructure

•             They are looking for Payment Tech Providers who can guide and help them achieve seamless migration

To stay ahead of innovation and transformation curve, banks in the region are accelerating their instant payment system migration strategy by investing in the right Payment Processing Technology Platform, Payment Application Technology Software, Payment Management Technology Platform and upgrading their Fraud Prevention and Security Infrastructure for a successful rollout.

Keeping in mind of the above, we are organising the Future of Payments Middle East & Africa Digi-Conference taking place on the 6th of April 2021 (via Zoom) that will bring together CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CISOs and Payment and Compliance Leaders from leading banks in the MEA region who are currently looking at the implementation of the region’s payment system and how to successfully transform to become Instant Payment and ISO2002 compliant. They will be sharing their plans and strategy while highlighting their key requirements.