Third Party Event

06 Apr 2016 - 13 Apr 2016

DIGAE strategic focus highlights the synergies between key developmental pillars, areas of concerns and means of improvement for countries ready to deliver an inspiring framework of public service to their communities. DIGAE offers an enriching outlook into the winning and successful solutions devised, planned and implemented by local governments across the globe and an insight into the future of smart government.

DIGAE in its 4th Edition will be an international platform aimed at promoting global public sector excellence through case studies, excellence showcases, conference discussions, participatory workshops and live working sessions. It will be held in Dubai from April 11 to 13, 2016.

The main focus of the event is “Local Governments, Global Achievements”, or how effective public governance impacts competitiveness, citizens’ happiness, economic resilience, innovation acceleration, clean-tech investments, infrastructure roll out, tourism attractiveness, health care coverage and more.

The main pillars of DIGAE

  • An Exhibition – 40+ Local  Federal & International Government Departments under one roof to showcase their Achievements in Smart Governance.
  • A Conference – Held under the theme “Government Innovation, Incubator for Citizens’ Happiness”.
  • Ask Gov Leaders – An opportunity for the public to meet with the Heads of Local Government Departments to ask questions about Dubai Government Services and Innovations.
  • Smart Labs – A youth innovation showcase held during the event.

Strategic focus of DIGAE 2016

  • Happiness as an important commodity
  • Smart Citizens & Smart Governance
  • Inclusive Safe and Sustainable Communities
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Tangible Results