Third Party Event

21 Sep 2020 - 22 Sep 2020

It consists of two days of cutting-edge conferences, workshops, social events and networking opportunities, with other satellite events being held later during the week.

Topics will include:

Greening the financial system and making green financial products mainstream
Operational resilience, cybersecurity and cross-industry cooperation
The future of digital currencies
Data sharing, data analytics and ethical dilemmas
Future of the Bretton Woods institutions – where next for the World Bank and the IMF
Global trade and investment in a changing world
Sustainability, ESG and social impact investing
Global fight against financial crime
Machine learning in finance
UK financial services reinvented
Taking the European project forward
Climate Disclosure and Reporting
Can regulatory convergence be achieved in an increasingly fragmented international system?
Skills for the future: attracting new talent and upskilling the workforce
Restoring trust through inclusive capitalism
Cultural transformation, governance and trust – have we arrived?
Transition from IBOR – will the industry be ready in time?
Evolution of a new model for financial regulation in the UK
Leaders of the future

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