Third Party Event

13 Oct 2016

The event will allow attendees to create an in-depth understanding of the alternative paths open to the Philippines’ massive clean energy supplies for the country to secure greater energy independence, improved quality of life and sustainable economic growth.

In collaboration with Asia-Pacific Basin for Energy Strategies (APBest) and Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2), the 1st Philippine Clean Energy Summit also serves as a platform to explore emerging developments in the country’s energy sector while providing an excellent opportunity for its participants to listen to the country’s policy makers and major players in clean energy as they discuss core themes arising in the energy industry, including:

  • The future drivers for energy demand and supply going into the future;
  • Investment needed to meet this demand and where should it be directed; 
  • The future for unconventional oil and gas; 
  • How oil and gas will fit into a low-carbon future and how quickly the use of renewables will grow; 
  • Technological changes over the next 15 years and how these will impact the energy landscape.

For more event information, please feel free to contact:

Ed Gallinero, Senior Associate Partner – Asia Pacific, The Pinnacle Group International

Singapore DID: +65 6846 2706 l Manila DID: +632 800 9201

Manila Roaming No.: +63 915 471 5858 l E-mail Address: