CEO Survey in Figures

The past few years have come to be defined by major economic restructuring, encompassing government institutions, investment funds, oil and gas, financial services and education. Leadership across the emirate continues to embrace these changes, creating more efficient institutions better equipped to handle challenging times. Continuing to build competencies outside oil and gas, and furthering the knowledge economy, will be crucial to achieving the emirate’s long-term goals.

  • Trade: Focus on FDI – Abu Dhabi has long been associated with buy-side investment activity, thanks largely to its success in transforming fiscal surpluses into global investments aimed at ensuring economic security. However, after two years of lower oil prices, Abu Dhabi’s attractiveness as a destination for inward investment has become more pertinent.
  • Energy: Streamline & Strengthen – In common with other major energy companies, lower hydrocarbons prices have prompted authorities to streamline efficiencies in Abu Dhabi’s energy sector. Against a backdrop of reorganisation and reform, production from the emirate’s oil and gas fields has reached record levels recently.
  • Health: Growth Prescription – Helped in part by significant international investment, the health care sector in Abu Dhabi has made huge strides over the last four decades. Agencies responsible for planning future provision in the emirate are focused on improving, reshaping and expanding the services offered to its residents and citizens, and balancing the resources provided by both the public and private sectors.
  • Tourism: Steady Appeal – In 2015 UAE citizens were first among the top-10 nationalities staying at Abu Dhabi’s hotels, but new regional links should reinforce the popularity of the emirate among travellers from other parts of the GCC and further afield.