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This article also features in What Mexico’s 2018 Election Means for the Future of the Country. Read more about this report and view purchase options in our online store.

What Mexico’s 2018 Election Means for the Future of the Country

Mexico | Economy


Mexico came off positively after the election of left wing populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador. However much markets and the peso strengthened in the days following the election, the finer details of the president-elect’s economic plan for the following six years remain uncertain. Elected largely on his strong anti-establishment, anti neoliberal rhetoric, AMLO (as he is otherwise known) has shown signs of a more pragmatic economic approach since his victory. With another 5 months before his administration officially starts, the run up to 1st December will prove vital for markets and investors to gauge the trajectory of the Mexico’s next political and economic chapter.


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