Energy & Utilities
From The Report: Morocco 2020
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The energy sector is poised for promising medium-term growth as it continues to receive significant public and private investment to expand generation capacity and distribution networks. At the same time, efforts to increase the role of renewable resources and natural gas in the country’s energy mix are set to lower the energy import bill and reduce fossil fuel emissions. However, in order to ensure that private investment objectives are met, upgrades to the sector’s regulatory framework will need to be completed. Meanwhile, Morocco has already shown that it can be a reliable partner in the exploration and development of hydrocarbons resources, and the policies it is currently pursuing should help the country reduce its reliance on imports in the years ahead. This chapter contains an interview with Abderrahim El Hafidi, General Director, National Office for Electricity and Drinking Water; and Saïd Mouline, CEO, Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency.