Industry & Mining
From The Report: Morocco 2020
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With an increasingly diversified manufacturing base, the industrial sector has become an important component of Morocco’s GDP. The country produces an array of finished products and components for customers not only in traditional markets such those in southern Europe, but also increasingly across Africa, Asia and the Americas. The growing strength of industrial activities is also a reflection of efforts to diversify the economy away from a traditional dependency on agriculture. Home to the world’s largest known reserves of phosphates, mineral resources have traditionally played an important role in the Moroccan economy. The authorities have been able to establish the country as a major exporter of the resource, and are now looking to steer the sector towards other minerals. As Morocco works to diversify its economy, the extraction and processing of a wider variety of its mineral resources has been identified by government officials as a strategic imperative for economic development. This chapter contains an interview with Mohammed Amal Guedira, Founder and CEO, Automotive Moroccan Group Business and Consulting.