From The Report: Morocco 2019
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Boasting a dynamic and diversified economy, the Fez-Meknes region contributed 9.4% to Morocco’s national GDP in 2018, fourth by economic output. Established in 2015 as one of 12 distinct administrative areas, Fez-Meknes covers an area of over 40,000 sq km and forms a crossroads between several prominent economic centres on the country’s coasts. The region, one of the country’s largest by population, output and consumption, has accordingly launched many projects to lift growth. It has identified the shortcomings it must tackle, as well as its existing strengths and those economic sectors with the most potential to add value to local economic activity. The region must address urban unemployment, rural poverty, illiteracy among women and economic precarity. It already has the resources to foster job creation, lift wages and build wealth, including fertile land, a rich cultural heritage and cities equipped with extensive industrial capacities.

This chapter contains an interview with Rachid Aouine, Director, Regional Investment Centre of Fez-Meknes.