Construction & Real Estate
From The Report: Morocco 2019
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Growth in the construction sector is principally influenced by government investment and the implementation of infrastructure, energy and residential housing projects. Indeed, about 80% of turnover from the sector comes from public projects. After delays in public infrastructure projects in 2017, 2019 is looking bright for public investment in mega-projects. Meanwhile, the slew of foreign investment in the real estate sector in 2018 signals the high level of international confidence in the market, which is expected to remain strong in the years to come. Promising segments are luxury real estate and retail. To ensure inclusive growth within the sector, the government will continue to carry out its social housing programme through to 2020. This, together with increased private sector participation and the construction of middle-income units, is set to help curb the lodging deficit that has challenged the country for many years.

This chapter contains an interview with Karim Beqqali, CEO, Yamed Capital.