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ICT Sector Highlights

The Report: Kuwait 2022

ICT Analysis

Technology development is central to Kuwait’s long-term plans to diversify the economy, with the government attempting to position the country as a regional leader in ICT and financial services...

The Report: Saudi Arabia 2022

ICT Analysis

Saudi Arabia’s ICT sector is primed for considerable expansion in the coming years as digital technologies become ever-more central to cross-sectoral operations and performance. Recently, the government...

ICT Sector Analyses


Increased investment in Kuwait ICT improving public and private sector outcomes

Technology development is central to Kuwait’s longterm plans to diversify the economy, with the government attempting to position the country as a regional leader in ICT and financial services. The competition in those spaces across the GCC is fierce, as countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia are making concerted investment in ICT infrastructure and financial technology (fintech).


Maziad Alharbi CEO, stc Kuwait

On how telecommunications is fuelling economic growth and enabling change.


Digital technologies foster sustainable development in Kuwait

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, mobile networks have provided the reliable connectivity needed to sustain economic and social activities. As MENA countries gradually brought the pandemic under control, their governments have sought to drive economic recovery and foster sustainable development. Digital services and technologies have been instrumental in achieving this goal, spurring economic growth, empowering the workforce and leveraging ICT-related efficiencies to boost productivity...


Cloud solutions central to Kuwait's digital transformation

Advanced technologies are being adopted across the business landscape, bringing innovation and disruption and driving growth. Cloud services have helped businesses transform their processes across a broad range of sectors in recent years. As such, cloud solutions have emerged to form a dynamic and growing industry.


How the rollout of 5G in the GCC is creating efficiencies

With connectivity widely recognised as a key driver of the post-Covid-19 economic recovery, the GCC countries are poised to expand their 5G networks and in turn increase the value of the region’s ICT industry.

How ICT solutions are fuelling change in Saudi Arabia

Omer Abdullah Al Nomany, CEO, solutions by stc

In this Global Platform video, Omer Abdullah Al Nomany, CEO of solutions by stc, discusses business-to-business opportunities, Saudiisation and female participation in the sector.

ICT in Emerging Markets

Economic Update

Gulf countries explore e-sports as part of diversification plans

As Gulf countries implement plans to diversify their economies and create jobs, they are increasingly investing in the growing industry around competitive video games known as electronic sports (e-sports). In February the gaming unit of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, Savvy Games Group, purchased a $265m stake in China’s Tencent Holdings-backed e-sports company VSPO, becoming its largest equity holder. Savvy Games Group also increased its share of Japanese gaming giant Nintendo...

Economic Update

The GCC’s latest efforts to bolster cybersecurity

With global geopolitical instability elevating the threat of cyberattacks against businesses and government agencies, the six countries of the GCC are rapidly building more robust and comprehensive cybersecurity strategies to respond to the evolving nature of cyberthreats. In a January 2023 survey of 117 global leaders from 32 countries and 22 industries, 91% of respondents believed that a far-reaching, catastrophic cyber-event was at least somewhat likely in the next two years, while 43% believed that a cyberattack...

Economic Update

The competitive outlook for artificial intelligence in MENA

As part of ongoing efforts to diversify their economies and build a platform for sustainable future growth, MENA nations are increasingly turning towards artificial intelligence (AI). A slew of recent investment and initiatives – primarily in academia and the government, but also in the private sector – has reinvigorated interest from industry leaders around the globe in the potential for AI to strengthen the efficiency and sustainability of MENA economies.

Economic Update

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine elevates cybersecurity concerns for emerging markets

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused disruptions across the global economy, from food to energy, but it has also prompted an increase in the number and sophistication of cyberattacks, exacerbating similar impacts from the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a recent poll of 800 chief audit executives conducted by the UK-based Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors, 77% of respondents thought the war had elevated cybersecurity and data-security risks.

Global Platform

Leveraging technology and talent in Saudi Arabia

In this Global Platform video, Essam Alshiha, CEO of Saudi Business Machines, emphasises the importance of the cloud and other innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things to remain competitive. Saudi Arabia's large youth population can help keep tech at the forefront of business operations and leverage the power of these tools.


ESG in Saudi Arabia's digital economy

As Saudi Arabia pursues a path of national digital transformation, stakeholders must take care to ensure the benefits of the digital economy are shared by the whole of society. In this latest vidcast in the OBG Talks series, Maha Alnuhait, stc's General Manager of Sustainability, discusses how the pandemic served to raise awareness of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues among businesses in Saudi Arabia, and expands on the role of digital technology in advancing social development in...

Economic Update

Emerging Market Trends 2021: Digital Transformation

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 gave rise to global acceleration in the uptake of digital platforms and services. This surge was consolidated in 2021, as it became clear – in emerging and developed economies alike – that digital is the new normal. While in some ways 2020 was reactive, with governments and businesses scrambling to implement digital approaches, 2021 was proactive, as those approaches were streamlined and synthesised.

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