Third Party Event

24 Nov 2016

Digital transformation is the new mantra for BFSI firms around the world, and with good reason. Indeed, we have already seen the emergence of true omni-channel capabilities, new ways to track and understand customers and advancements in pricing and product bundling, as well as the introduction of robo-advisors, among a host of other game-changing innovations.

Yet with competitive threats looming ever present, incumbents know they cannot rest on their laurels. Building on the early victories of the digital era, BFSI leaders must now look to push the boundaries of innovation even further and truly redefine the customer experience.

Key Themes:
1.    Crossing the digital 
2.    Emerging technologies – Augment, disrupt, evolve
3.    Transforming customer experience to drive growth
4.    A Fintech mindset: Considerations for 2017
5.    Enterprise architecture excellence
6.    Knowing and focusing on the fundamental requirements for successful corporate banking
7.    An introduction to blockchain technology for the financial industry

Such issues will sit at the heart of IDC’s UAE Banking & Finance Congress 2016. Featuring thought-provoking presentations, engaging focus groups and interactive workshops, the event will equip you with all the tools you need to deliver compelling digital wins that work for both you and your customers. 

For more details and to register your attendance free of charge, please visit the event’s dedicated webpage at