Third Party Event

18 Jul 2017

The 3rd National Economic Summit is particularly timely as Malaysia looks to bolster investment and regain its competitive edge during a period of uncertainty and volatility. The summit will enable top government and business leaders, academics, researchers, diplomats and policy makers to:

  • Take stock of the shape of the global recovery and outlook for Malaysia;
  • Assess global and regional economic and strategic trends;
  • Examine policy shifts and their impact on Malaysia’s prosperity and stability;
  • Evaluate Malaysia’s competitiveness and investment opportunities;
  • Review threats to Malaysia’s future peace, stability and prosperity;
  • Appraise good governance practices aimed at bringing back public confidence in the government’s integrity;
  • Assess structural issues with the New Economic Model and suggest ways of resolving them.

This summit will enable CEO’s, senior government officials and strategic thinkers such as yourselves to:

  • Discuss and debate key developments, corporate realities and changing environments;
  • Help participants rethink their purpose, priorities and strategies;
  • Help to shape the future business environment of the country over the next few years;
  • Explore strategic trends that will impact governments, companies and communities;
  • Have the opportunity to interact and build relationships with other like-minded leaders.

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders with current and potential investments in Malaysia;
  • Ministers, policymakers, political leaders, senior government officials and key economy exporters;
  • Business specialists and professionals, mid-level managers, business development managers, analysts, risk professionals in industrial sectors and financial institutions;
  • Owners of business enterprises.