Third Party Event

11 Jul 2018 - 13 Jul 2018

Expanding your business in southeast Asia’s largest market.

Indonesia construction firms find strong growth in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s emerging economy is in dire need of better infrastructure, while rising personal income is driving demand for residential and commercial property. These factors put the country squarely on the radar of the global construction industry. Indonesia’s construction industry, already worth 10% of the county’s massive GDP, will grow into one of the largest in the world in the coming decade. For suppliers, investors and exporters in every single sector of the building and interiors industries, the South-East Asian archipelago economy offers unequalled opportunities for short and long-term returns.

With a huge population nearly to 260 million, high infrastructure spending and rapid urbanization, Indonesia is developing at an unprecedented rate. High promising economic growth and increasing demand for new and retrofit building offices and commercial buildings, the demand for lift & escalator products and technology is continue to growing.

Exhibitor Requirements:
Access control, air quality control, automatic identification and data capture solutions, automated doors, building management systems, building electricity supply system, building electrical products, cabling system and building cable products, cleaning products or services, climate control systems, elevators and escalators, emergency evacuation solutions, employee time attendance solutions, energy management, environmental protection equipment, environmental solutions, facilities management software, health and safety product / equipment, information management systems, integrated facilities management providers, IT systems / FM software, landscaping products or services, lighting systems and solutions, etc.