Third Party Event

10 Aug 2022 - 12 Aug 2022

  • 500+ Exhibitors
  • 40000+sq.m Exhibition Area
  • 40000+ Professional Visitors


Institutional Framework
Council for the Promotion of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation  Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group


  • Guangdong Lighting Association
  • Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce
  • Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Association

Organizer: Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group


  • Southern Power Grid Integrated Energy Co., Ltd.
  • Solar Energy Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University (proposed)
  • Guangdong Solar Energy Association (proposed)
  • China Instrument Manufacturer Association (proposed)
  • Japan Power Supply Association
  • Korea Power Electronics Association
  • German Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association
  • American Power Manufacturers’ Association
  • American Power Electronics Association
  • Japan Electrical Engineers’ Association

Expo Introduction
During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, China’s power industry developed well. In 2016, the scale of China’s power market exceeded 200 billion yuan for the first time, reaching 205.6 billion yuan, 6.9% up year on year. In 2018, the scale of China’s power market reached 245.9 billion yuan, 5.95% up year on year. It is predicted that by 2023, its market scale will increase to 422.1 billion yuan. With the development of LED lighting, distributed photovoltaic, wind energy, charging piles, cloud computing, big data and smart cities, power supply industry has great potential in the next decade .

Power Supply Exhibition 2022 is a special exhibition launched under the 2022 International (GD) Energy Conservation Exhibition, aiming to better meet the domestic and international market demands of the power industry. The exhibition is supported by the power supply professional Committee of Guangdong Lighting Association, Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Development Promotion Association, Guangdong Foreign Economic Cooperation Enterprise Association, Council for the Promotion of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation and other relevant national departments at all levels.

Exhibition Highlights

(1) Gathered Global High-end Resources
Asia-Pacific International Power Products and Technology Exhibition is an international trade platform focusing on the application of exhibition technology. Headquartered in Guangzhou, it aims to build a high-level trade platform to boost communication and cooperation for the world’s power industry.

(2) Showing the Whole Power Industry Scale
This exhibition tries to bring together industry practitioners in all power supply application fields to display the latest power supply products and technologies, supporting facilities and terminals. At the same time, a series of live demonstrations, seminars and forums are planned to enhance the important application of the power industry in production and life, aiming to build an ideal platform for trade and communication in the industry.

(3) Guided by Global Cloud Exhibition Technology
The Expo gives full play to the big data precision marketing platform of its strategic partner Cloud Momentum, and realize the economic development concept of AI+ Big Data+Exhibition with the help of integration of artificial intelligence, multimedia interactive technology, 3D scanning, digital creativity, accurate big database and real economy, so as to help enterprises of all walks of life to promote digital transformation, rapidly promote enterprise development, meet the trade needs of enterprises all over the world and make business more convenient!

Exhibits Scope:
Ordinary Power Supply
Switching power supply, power adapter, LED power supply, UPS power supply, mobile power supply (portable power supply), transformer power supply, inverter power supply, AC regulated power supply, DC regulated power supply, DC/DC regulated power supply, communication power supply, module power supply, frequency conversion power supply, industrial control power supply, EPS emergency power supply, computer power supply, purified power supply, PC power supply, rectifier power supply, customized power supply, heating power supply and welding power supply Network power supply, power operation power supply, linear power supply, power controller/driver, power supply, parameter power supply, voltage regulator, inverter and DC power supply; Special power modules for railway, finance, aerospace, lighting, high-voltage and various customized power products; Special power equipment such as diesel power generation, wind power generation, solar power generation, etc.

Special Power Supply
Security power supply, high-voltage power supply, medical power supply, military power supply, aerospace power supply, laser power supply and other special power supplies

Electronic Transformers, Inductors
Power equipment transformers, inductors, industrial transformers, household appliances transformers, lighting transformers, neon lamp transformers, special transformers, transformer testing instruments, transformer/inductor winding equipment and insulated wires, etc.

Power Supply Supporting Products
Various components for power supply (triode/rectifier, thyristor, IGBT/MOS tube, resistor, capacitor, capacitor, filter, oscilloscope, protector, PDU sockets, reactors, power cords, temperature controller, relay, radiator and fan, lithium battery, storage battery, power module box/case/cabinet, connecting wire terminal, etc.

Power Supply Manufacturing Equipment and Auxiliary Materials
Power supply/battery manufacturing equipment, power supply/battery test system, power supply test fixture, safety test instrument, electromagnetic compatibility equipment, potting equipment power supply, glue dispensing equipment, aging test equipment, electronic load, etc.; Sealing silica gel, potting compound,thermally conductive silica gel, insulating sleeve, heat-dissipating silica gel, magnetic materials, etc.

Power supply related software
Monitoring system, auxiliary design software, comprehensive power solution, power testing services, safety certification and other power management related software, power installation engineering and appliances, etc.

Some Exhibitors at present:

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