Third Party Event

11 Jun 2019 - 13 Jun 2019

AME Trade Ltd is excited to organise the 17th African International Energy and Petroleum Conference & Exhibition, SIEPA. This international event will take place in Senegal from 11th-13th June 2019 at the Hotel King Fahd Palace, which sits on the sands of the Atlantic ocean in the capital of Senegal. The organisers of this edition are the Association for the Development of Energy in Africa (ADEA), the Association of Senegal for the Development of Energy in Africa (ASDEA) and AME Trade Ltd.
The aim of this great event is to discuss Senegal’s entire energy value chain, involving not only the participation of large operators in the country but also the National Companies, Government Officials, local entrepreneurs, students and civil society, ensuring multi-layered and diverse participation.  
SIEPA 2019 Conference will address key topics in the hydrocarbon sector, including the positioning of companies in relation to local content as well as innovative models of CSR for a better distribution of oil and gas revenues; and major points in Senegal’s new official petroleum code.
Previous editions of the event were a great success and with this year’s keynote speakers ranging from international operators to senior VP’s of West Africa, we have no doubt that this year’s event will not exceed its astounding reputation.
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