Third Party Event

03 Nov 2021 - 04 Nov 2021

In Senegal, the region’s first and large utility-scale application of battery storage is slated to be integrated to a wind farm to deploy around 60 MW hours of battery storage capacity. South Africa aims for 20 percent of renewable energy in its mix by 2030, making officials include technical standards for integrating battery energy storage in the electrical grid and tendering for more than 1GWh of energy storage to make renewable energy projects dispatchable. In addition, Battery-Energy Storage Technologies (BEST) can mitigate grid congestion and defer the need for new power lines in off-grid sites. 
As an effective solution for long-term energy storage, Green Hydrogen will become more acute as renewables become the primary source of power. Hydrogen storage is a key enabling technology in applications including stationary power, portable power, and transportation. In this edition of Renpower Africa Storage, the potential of Green Hydrogen in the region will also be addressed as leading nations like Namibia, South Africa and Morocco are preparing to become Green Hydrogen hubs in the continent.
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