Third Party Event

23 Oct 2018

The Real Estate Matrix Roundtable:“Real Estate Tourism Development”

On October 23, 2018, Invest-Gate will host the second edition of its Real Estate Matrix Roundtable series entitled“Real Estate Tourism Development” at the Nile Ritz-Carlton in Cairo, Egypt.Tourism and real estate go hand-in-hand, and are vital pillars of our economy today.The event will discuss putting an end to the many challenges the industries face, and introduce solutions that can support this business and secure a better future.The Real Estate Tourism Roundtable is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Development.

Real Estate Tourism Development Roundtable: 

Invest-Gate is inviting market experts, and key local and regional players to thoroughly discuss the development of real estate tourism and how to put Egypt back on track and atop the world map.

Since the beginning of Egypt’s reform plan, the government has diverted attention to its two main sources of fortune – real estate and tourism – to reach its sustainable development strategy of 2030. Officials have alsointroduced enablers and facilitators via amendments to the Investment Law.

Efforts have beenmade to activate mortgage loans and real estate finance in general, and tremendous workis being conducted in terms of institutional and legal reform initiatives to eliminate obstacles facing the sector.

With all our efforts combined, we believe we can boost the real estate market locally and internationally. When this is achieved, the idea of exporting real estate is also reached, opening up many doors for international investment in this industry, increasing our tourism flows, and putting Egypt on the world map both for real estate and tourism.  

Topics of Discussion:

1.    Opportunities&Challenges  

2.    Integrating Real Estate & Hospitality to Boost Touristic Destinations

3.    Real Estate Exports

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