Third Party Event

03 Sep 2019 - 04 Sep 2019

This is a major international event where every company and individual involved in any aspect of power and energy comes to exhibit, or visit or attend its conferences.This two day event will be on September 3-4, 2019 at SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines.

The Philippine energy sector is poised for transformation. It faces the following major challenges as it strives to achieve national energy, self-reliance and sustainability:

  • A new and transparent Philippine Conventional Energy Contracting Program       (PCECP) that allows local and international exploration companies to develop   and utilize indigenous petroleum resources under a service contract with the   government.  
  • Renewed development of the geothermal industry.  
  • Resurrection of the nuclear interest.
  • A strong commitment to pursue clean energy and support the development of renewable energy.

A platform for innovative advancements, the international exhibition will showcase the latest in technologies for generating, transmitting and distributing power and electricity, and will be officially opened by the Secretary of Energy.

Experts from top energy companies from the government will provide engaging sessions on the policies, legislative and regulatory issues relating to the industry. Industry experts will present on topics concerning renewable energy, natural gas/LNG, geothermal, nuclear energy, efficient energy, available financing, the challenge from cyber attacks and a glimpse into the future of energy. 

A power breakfast for Heads of the major ministries and agencies of the energy industry and CEOs of sponsoring companies will be organized to strengthen the camaraderie of the officials in the industry. A networking cocktail will also be held for participating companies, government officials, diplomats, heads of business groups, investors, bankers, businessmen and industry experts.

For more information, you may contact or visit for details on how to participate.