Third Party Event

19 Oct 2016

This year, P&A Grant Thornton will be holding its 6th Business Forum, billed as “People as a Strategy: Capitalizing on People to Promote Business Growth” October 19, 2016, Wednesday at Rizal Ballroom C, Makati Shangri-La Hotel. The forum will challenge some of the biggest issues facing human resource management.


Businesses grow when they attract, retain, and invest in the right talent – which is why we are keen to discuss the following topics below.

Topic I: Acquiring the Right Talent.  This will cover views and insights on how companies can best attract and select the right talent.  Subject such as the shift of talents, diversity and inclusion and competition for top management will be tackled.

Topic II: Change Management: Diversity and Inclusion. The importance of organisational culture and how to engage and enable a diverse workforce in achieving business outcomes will be discussed.

Topic III: Human Capital Standards and Analysis.  This topic will tackle human capital as a key driver to organisational success.

This event is by invitation only.