Third Party Event

06 Dec 2019

To accelerate the tech ecosystem of Africa, the Africa Future

Fund will sponsor the largest tech tour across the continent to date from November – December 2019 targeting 10 countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, and Ghana. Africa Future Summit (Nigeria Tech Summit Edition) will feature 5000 global delegates in partnership with the Forbes8, the YMCA, the Africa Future Fund, South Africa Tech Summit and the Global Startup Ecosystem.
The Africa Future Summit is powered by the Africa Future Fund and produced by Forbes(8). The annual Africa Future Summit is the world’s most premier summit curating an active network of investors, tech entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians and business moguls towards addressing the UN SDG goals and positively accelerating the future of Africa. Each year the program gathers delegates from across Africa and around the world to address and tackle challenges that affect Africa’s future.
The summit serves as a platform for influencers who are sourcing innovative solutions and partners that leverage exponential technology to accelerate Africa as the world’s final tech frontier hub. The initiative is a part of a multi-year roadmap to 2030 to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for Africa.

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