Third Party Event

31 Oct 2021 - 01 Nov 2021

Utilise our expertise on 31 October – 1 November at Expo Dubai Exhibition Centre to ensure your higher education path enables you to reach your goals. Partnered with the prestigious Expo 2020, Najah Dubai is the place to meet fellow students and potential tutors.
But wait that’s not all – when you attend Najah Dubai, you will also have access to visit Expo 2020 for free.

  • A little sneak peek into your day at Najah:
  • Discover scholarships you never knew existed.   
  • Explore both undergraduate and postgraduate courses that match your skills.   
  • Meet face-to-face with local and international university representatives.   
  • Understand the possibilities of studying in another country – the world is your oyster.  
  • Interact with higher education professionals during live Q&A’s and workshops.  

Once you have your education journey mapped, head to Expo 2020 to immerse yourself in the future of our world.

Najah Dubai has everything to enrich your career path and fulfil your dreams of becoming the next best architect/ engineer/ marketer/ designer/ lawyer/ doctor/ accountant/ digital futurist! The list is endless. 

You can also visit our website now for more information on how Najah can help with your next steps towards higher education success.

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