Third Party Event

31 Oct 2017

The MAF Africa Investment Network Meeting 2017 is an invitation-only, high-profile business event that runs quarterly and aims to bring together business professionals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, exporters, investors, diplomats and government officials to highlight the trade and investment potential of Africa, keep abreast of current market trends, develop new strategies, adopt future technologies, form new business alliances, discuss business challenges with industry leaders and a lot more.
The UAE and, in particular, Dubai has a long-standing history of trade and investment with Africa. The tradition of enterprise between Dubai and Africa has thrived in recent years. To help realise the business potential in Africa, the evening event aims to:
· Highlight African business opportunities available to investors and businesses
· Connect African businesses and UAE investors
· Discuss the future of fintech in Africa
· Celebrate the role of Dubai as an export gateway to African markets
· Promote investment and bilateral trade opportunities
The event will be attended by invited C-level executives, investors, business owners, professionals, diplomats and government officials who will have the opportunity to network with other attendees, hear inspirational stories and learn valuable tactics to help develop business and investment in Africa.
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