Third Party Event

18 Mar 2018 - 19 Mar 2018

Kuwait is highly dependent on imports from other countries, with agriculture accounting for just 1% of its economy and 8% of GDP.

Limited production, together with the country’s rising population and moves by the government to attract foreign investment are combining to make Kuwait a key target market for many international players.

As the only specialized event for the sector in the country, the Kuwait International Agro Food Expo provides participants with an ideal platform for networking and meeting potential agents, distributors and exporters.

The expo will be open to trade visitors and pre-arranged b2b meetings with buyers, importers, agents, wholesale and dealers. Topics covered at the event will include agriculture, food, food processing technology, hospitality and catering, food security and food safety.

The expo is ideal for manufacturers and exporters specializing in: Agriculture, including farming, poultry, dairy and animal husbandry; Food Products, including raw, processed, packed and processing technology; Hospitality & Catering; Food Security; and Food Safety. Kuwait is looking for modern technologies, in particular, that will help the country to overcome its limitations.

Oxford Business Group will be a partner for the expo.

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To register, email: or contact: Roni Barua, manager – Exhibitions, PINE Experiential Events Pvt Ltd

Tel: +91 789 231 4580