Third Party Event

30 Oct 2017 - 02 Nov 2017

At the roadshow, InPERU will reaffirm its commitment to contributing to Peru’s
developmental goals and, in line with the association’s mission, highlight the
country’s significant investment opportunities for 2017 and beyond.

High-level participants at the roadshow will include: Cayetana Aljovin, minister
of energy and mining; Bruno Giuffra, minister of transportation and
communications; Julio Velarde, president of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru;
and ProInversión.
The highlight of proceedings will be a working seminar, which will take place in
Madrid and feature a panel discussion. Presentations will also be given by
leading representatives from both the private and public sectors on specialised
topics relating to Peru’s investment opportunities.
At the end of activities in Madrid, the roadshow will move to London for the
Open Market ceremony, where the InPERU delegation has been invited to
mark its export forum by partaking in the traditional opening ceremony of the
London Stock Exchange. The delegation will then have the opportunity to seek
out new commercial deals through a series of one-on- one meetings with a
wide range of investors from various locations.
We invite you to be part of this exciting initiative and contribute to the
development of our country. Together we can export Peru to the world.
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