Third Party Event

21 Nov 2017

The first edition of the Islamic Finance News (IFN) Jordan Forum will be held at the Landmark Amman Hotel and Conference Centre on November 21, 2017. 

The event will serve as a platform for participants to explore Jordan’s growing influence and market to be reckoned with when it comes to new opportunities in the Islamic space.

Oxford Business Group will be a research partner for the forum, which will include presentations from keynote speakers Jawad Al-Anani, chairman, Amman Stock Exchange, and Mohammed Saleh Hourani, executive chairman, Jordan Securities Commission.

The event will also feature panel debates in which industry leaders will explore a variety of topical issues on the key themes: Positioning Jordan on the global financial landscape and assessing opportunities for growth; Funding Jordan’s infrastructure and social welfare requirements; Discussing the potential for Shariah-compliant financing and the role of conventional structures; and Can Jordan’s mid-sized enterprises really benefit from Islamic capital-raising?

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