Third Party Event

16 Mar 2017

hospital operators, health care practitioners, consultants, financiers, insurers, suppliers, researchers, industry leaders and policy makers, as well as other related professionals to deliberate the best way forward in continually improving health care standards while containing costs to cater to perpetually increasing demand that strains existing health care infrastructure.

Who Should Attend?

  • Health care professionals and associations;
  • Hospitals and other health care institutions and organisations;
  • Insurers, bankers, investors or other financiers for health care;
  • Consultants, analysts, legal advisers;
  • Government bodies;
  • Pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals manufacturers;
  • Medical devices manufacturers;
  • Aged care facility owners, managers and care givers;
  • Travel agencies, hotels and other organisations catering to medical tourism;
  • Employers across industries;
  • Research and development institutions;
  • Academics;
  • General public interested in health care matters.

Why Attend?

  • Learn about key trends, opportunities and challenges to look out for as Malaysia strives to fully achieve the SDG’s Goal 3 on health care;
  • Gain insights into the best way forward to optimise Malaysia’s health care industry’s potential domestically and internationally from the perspectives of operators, regulators and financiers, which will assist in your organisation’s strategic planning;
  • Get updates on technological innovation and research and development advancements in connected health care to address the health and wellness needs of today’s society;
  • Get first-hand information on the latest opportunities and challenges in catering to the needs of the ageing population here and abroad, as well as on strategies to build up Malaysia’s position vis-à-vis competitors in the area of medical tourism;
  • Benefit from the experience and expertise of highly knowledgeable and experienced role players to gain fresh insights and perspectives on the key concerns and questions highlighted;
  • Opportunity to broaden your network and form synergistic partnerships with like-minded professionals and organisations.

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