Third Party Event

10 May 2016 - 11 May 2016

The event will offer an opportunity to participate in a fruitful discussion and to gain insight from leaders in the field who have used innovative and market-driven strategies to develop sustainable global tourism cities. The conference will also allow participants the opportunity to network with industry peers.

GTCC 2016, entitled “Innovation & Market Driven Strategies: Keys to Sustainable Growth,” will allow city developers, government leaders, policy makers and captains of the industry to share knowledge, expertise and experiences in tourism city planning and development; to share integrated urban solutions; and to discuss opportunities, challenges and strategies related to sustainable tourism.

GTCC 2016 will be useful for the following:

  • Researchers in urban planning, economic development, tourism, climate change and environmental management; 
  • Airlines and airport operators; 
  • City hall, local councils, governors and mayors; 
  • Architects for city landscaping; 
  • City services providers; 
  • Construction and engineering companies; 
  • Providers of culinary and gastronomy tourism; 
  • Officials in government tourism, economic, housing, industrial and public works; 
  • Managers and operators of hotels; 
  • Operators in medical tourism and health centres; 
  • Designers and operators of parks and theme parks; 
  • Providers and operators of ports, airports and road infrastructure; 
  • Services providers for smart cities; 
  • Tourism boards and agencies; 
  • Managers, operators and marketing agencies of tourism destinations; 
  • Urban planners and developers.  

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