Third Party Event

19 Sep 2016 - 21 Sep 2016

As a result of significant increases in demand for wood, the global wood market is undergoing rapid changes, putting considerable pressure on the world’s natural forests. Increasing demand for wood has had led to further degradation and fragmentation of forests and permanent deforestation. To successfully change this situation, international wood demand must be met through sustainable wood production from natural forests and plantation management.

Global Timber Conference will discuss and deliberate on pertinent issues that revolves around the timber industry. This conference gathers all the stakeholders and professionals within the industry from over 10 countries and with over 18 guest speakers to present on a highly interesting spectrum of topics.  

The following will be discussed over the two-day conference:

  • Global Outlook in Timber: Demand, Supply and Market Prospects
  • Sustainable Natural and Plantation Timbers Management: A Way Forward in Meeting the Global Demand
  • Global Supply Chains, Standards and Certifications for the Timber Industry
  • Advanced Materials for New Products Development
  • Timber as The Game Changer in the Building Sector: Innovation, Technology and Sustainability
  • Insights on the Future of Furniture Industry
  • Global Timber Leaders Forum: Product Producer Partnership Initiative for a Sustainable Timber Sector

The speakers at the event will include the following:

  • Tetra Yanuariadi Projects Manager, Division of Trade and Industry, International Tropical Timber Organization
  • Kenichi Shono Forest Resources Officer, Food and Agriculture Organization
  • Salim Hiziroglu Department of Natural Resource Ecology & Management, Oklahoma State University
  • Ahmad Zuhaidi bin Yahya Director of Forest Plantation Programme, Natural Resources Planning and Management, Forest Research Institute Malaysia
  • Richard Laity Projects and Development Officer, PEFC Southeast Asia
  • Jayco Fung Business Development, FSC Asia Pacific
  • Zuhairi Abd Hamid Executive Director, Construction Research Institute of Malaysia
  • Jamaluddin Murad Vice-President, Malaysian Furniture Council
  • Woraparn Pattaraumpornsak Founder, Deco Enterprises Co.
  • Camiel Weijenberg Founder and Director, Weijenberg Pte

For more information, please contact the secretariat at +603 2771 1668,