Third Party Event

16 Aug 2017

This series will be done in three parts every year. This is the second edition of the 2017 series. It is clear that logistics and supply chain play an important role in the many industries. The desire to make a breakfast series was inspired by a meeting with a few business partners who are interested in logistics but have limited time to spend.

In addition, the event is also supported by the Newton Group. Dato’ PK Ang will be presenting about the safety aspects of packaging, transportation and logistics.

Objectives of the series are as follow:

  • To be an active platform to gather more local industries from various range of small to wide scale of businesses, professional practitioners and SME industries in supply chain;
  • To discuss current issues in details among related network in logistics and supply chain;
  • To encourage vibrant networking on businesses and exchange knowledge.

For more information, please refer to the event website.