Third Party Event

27 Jun 2018 - 30 Jun 2018

In continuation of the 2017 edition, the 2018 FèsMeknès Economic Forum focuses on regional projects and development models in line with the pursuit of good territorial governance. This goal is based on a logic of interconnectivity, taking into consideration balanced growth benefiting all territories.


The FèsMeknès region is eccentric, and given its potential, it presents disproportionally positive economic and social indicators. Revealing the importance of the region and its municipalities, worksite programme documents have started to define structural projects.


In a world that is changing and competing at high speed, new economic models are required to be put in place quickly. Innovationcontrolled management is no longer effective. Adaptable minds and methods are necessary to ensure that innovation is everyones business. This economic forum offers the opportunity for personal and institutional interaction. It has global reach, offers open dialogue on all projects and building networks, considers disruptive innovation and discusses reaching untapped markets.


The 2018 forum will be an opportunity to strengthen North African integration and promote the image of a dynamic territory on the move by organising partner and reference events:


The sixth edition of meetings with “twin cities” of Fès


WeAfriCan: “For a bridge AS/AFRICA”


The FèsMeknès Economic Forum will be a space for exchange and networking, and act as an international platform for economic advancement and partnership. Cooperation agreements related to twinned cities will be concluded and thematic workshops on business segments will be organised.


The forum will host:

  • National and regional decision makers (representatives of government, local and regional authorities, the Council of Regions and university leaders)
  • Foreign partners (foreign chambers, ASCAME, UPM)
  • Mayors and leaders of twin cities
  • Investments funds
  • Contractors, managers and business leaders
  • Financiers
  • Associations and sectorial federations