Third Party Event

17 May 2010

Energy Evolution Middle East is the agenda-setting event for the region’s energy industry in 2010 and beyond, with a focus on clean technology transforming the Middle East. Energy Evolution Middle East will identify how the energy industry can harness the potential of environmental technologies, including solar, wind and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies, to improve the efficiency of their present and future operations, support E&P, bolster bottom line profits, reduce their carbon footprint and incorporate alternative energies for long term sustainable development and growth.

Taking place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Mamana, Bahrain on 17 – 19 May 2010, is pleased to announce the full support of H.E. Dr Abdul Hussain Bin Ali Mirza, the Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs and Chairman of the National Oil and Gas Authority in Bahrain.

Topics for discussion include:

• Drivers to achieve energy efficiency and resource optimisation: Policy, clean technology and project economics

• Investment opportunities for clean energy technology

• Defining the regulatory and tariff structures: What is needed to attract investment into clean and renewable energy?

• Increasing efficiency in oil and gas production through clean technology implementation

• Climate change and technology development

• Carbon capture and storage: Making commercial and low carbon sense

• Financing commercial and low carbon energy projects: Challenges and Opportunities

• Investment in capacity building: supporting the implementation of clean energy in the middle east

• New technologies in power generation: Capitalising on the region’s solar and nuclear energy potential

• The Action Plan for 2011: Steps to be taken to maximise commercial and low carbon strategies.