Third Party Event

16 Aug 2018 - 17 Aug 2018

Below the surface of its identity, Worldtech isn’t just an I.T. company. It was made with the awareness that cyber-attacks happen every single day, hitting all sorts of individuals and companies, big or small. This then, is the driving force behind “CyberCon Asia”. In connection, we would like to invite you and your organization to be one of our distinguished participants for this year’s conference.

CyberCon Asia is a 2-day conference-workshop that tackles various issues about the cyber world, and how leaders can defend themselves from cyber-related threats. This is the avenue where people can come together to talk about cyber security. With the Cyber Labs, the delegates can see live demonstrations on how cyber-attacks work, and the ideal solutions and countermeasures against them.

With this year’s theme, “Fortifying Cyber Resiliency”, CyberCon will have a broader approach that encircles cyber security, and aims not only to keep one’s guard up against potential attacks but also to ensure survival following an attack. The event taps the expertise of I.T. leaders to raise awareness in major stakeholders from the government, corporate, academic sectors, forming a multi-stakeholder consortium that encourages an in-depth conversation about the matter.

CyberCon creates a holistic conversational sphere that includes key players from all over the Philippines.

Presenting an interesting roster of speakers and mentors, we invite you to CyberCon Asia 2018.

See you there!


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