Third Party Event

11 Apr 2017

The Egyptian Association for Finance and Investment Studies (EGFIN) will be organising the
annual summit of capital markets under the name “Capital Market and Economic Reform
Financing ”.
The summit discusses the recent developments and regulatory procedures of a capital
market able to keep up with the needs of economic development, as well as providing nonbanking
financing in a way that suits the aims of financing the projects of the economic
reform programme, in addition to financing individuals and institutions.
It will also discuss the government’s vision to benefit from capital markets in financing
government projects that can serve the economic reform programme, in addition to the
future of government debt instruments and modern instruments to finance, such as Sukuk
(Sharia-compliant bonds), project bonds, and income bonds .
Moreover, the summit will discuss ways of activating a secondary market of bonds and
government securities, in addition to the role of capital markets in reducing the cost of
government debt and boosting the chances of economic growth.
The panel will address promoting green investment initiatives, the financing opportunities
available from financial institutions and financial investment funds, and the role of
investment banks in benefitting from the green investment initiatives through the
establishment of direct investment funds and how this would impact the economy.
The summit will review the first attempt to launch real estate funds in the Egyptian market.
Those are expected to contribute to attracting new investments to the real estate market
that provide a highly attractive tool for both domestic and foreign investments.
The summit will look into public offerings and their role in attracting new local and foreign
investments to the market, as well as a programme for government offerings and its role in
enhancing the state’s asset management and Egypt’s position on the map of global
investments. The summit will also look into developing and refreshing the flow of capital and
trade in the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) to increase its attractiveness for investors.
Furthermore, the summit will allow to explore the opportunities that can be provided by the
modifications of the capital market law in terms of activating the market and establishing
private stock exchanges, as well as establishing the first union of companies working in the
field of securities and enhancing the protection of rights of minority shareholders in the case
of acquisitions.
It will also address the role of regional cooperation among the capital market institutions,
the dual listing companies , and the role of Misr for Central Clearing, Depository, and
Registry in linkage and settlement operations between financial markets