Third Party Event

04 Sep 2018 - 05 Sep 2018

Besides, we made sure this to be the top notch quality event in order to live up the name as the leading business technology conference in Asia.  BIGIT not only allow you to expose yourself with a one stop platform of innovations and technological advancement knowledge but also to make your organisation on top of the game. 

In experience wise, a wide range of interesting activities was going on throughout this 2 days event. To our experience that some of our attendees met their CEO for the first time at this very exhibition hall and this is when the future business plan was casually carried out over a cup of coffee. BIGIT exhibition hall was always lively and it is impossible to find the exhibition hall isolated.

Following last year’s success, BIGIT Technology Malaysia 2018 continues to deliver itself as an interactive platform for global technologists to spark interesting discussions and exchange innovative ideas. This two days event features key opportunities and solutions and shares methodologies in solving the current challenges faced by business users and the governments in developing an intelligent nation. More than 30 adept regional and global speakers will take part at the conference leading inciting topics on big data, fintech, machine learning and deep learning in front of 500 technology enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur.

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